My Host Family – Awesome!

Today, I’ll talk about my host family. Langfus, the last name of this family, means ‘a long foot’ in German language. They are Jewish, but one of them is from China. They live in Madison court, making us very hard to attend school by foot because it is located on the top of mountain, which is very far away from PSU. There were used to be 4 people in this family, but 3 people now. They are father(Hank Langfus), son(Josh Langfus), and daughter(Jane Langfus). In that picture, a man with his hat is Hank. The one with brown curly hair is Josh, and the one who wears long white jacket is Jane. The next one who wears green one-piece is Lizz, a girlfriend of Josh. Hank and his wife, Christine, divorced 10 years ago. But children goes to his mother and father’s house very frequently, and they meet each other frequently after divorce. Children live with their father from Sunday to Wednesday morning, and they live with their mother from Wednesday afternoon to Saturday.

Hank does two business, but I don’t remember it exactly. He is very good at cooking, and he is very kind to his strangers. Josh, who was born in September, 1992, is still 15 years old. In Korean age system, he is 17 now. He is very interested in music, and he is also good at playing musical instrument such as guitar or violin. He also likes to listen to music. I think he especially likes classical music. He also likes to draw picture. On the first day we met he showed us some pictures he drew, and we cannot help exclaiming his marvelous drawings. Jane, who was born in may 1995, was adopted when she was 8 month old. Being very weak when adopted, She was posted on the newspaper in the year 1996. Although she had very weak health, Hand and Christine decided to adopt her, and raised by their effort, she got healthy and live without any hardship. Both of children are on vacation, and after vacation they will be on upper grade. There are two cats and two snakes as Langfus’s pets. Cats, named Cloy and Chelsea, are very cute. But, they don’t want to see me yet. Too lazy to be awaken, I haven’t seen snakes moving yet.

Although they are Americans, they like to try foods from another continent, especially desirous to eat spicy food. Josh even says that he can’t understand people who don’t like to eat spicy food. Thanks for this, we eat various kinds of foods like Mexican, Korean, American, Chinese, etc. Also, they enjoy doing many activities. Hank encourages his children to participate in various activities.

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